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Hello LJ

Made it back yesterday from our annual trip to Moncton. All and all a good time, sadly though NB has increased their HST/GST so school supplies were not as cheap as they were in the previous years. As one of the main reasons to go to NB was to get school supplies for the girls this was kind of a let down. We did get over to PEI for the day and did a whirlwind tour of Charlottetown before heading back to our hotel in Moncton. Leigh and I had a nice meal out at Mavericks (fantastic steak...I highly recommend it). We also got to stop at The Comic Hunter where I picked up Yggdrasil RPG with supps and another copy of 1st ed 7th Sea Players Book. Been curious of Yggdrasil for awhile and as it was used I did not spend a heck of a lot on it. Score one for Brad. We also got to check out the new Bass Pro Shop and went to Cabelas again where I stocked up on some .40 S&W and 12 g shells.

That's about it but I will be putting up various characters as I create them.

Night all

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