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I Had A Scare....

So an hour into my shift at work on Monday I had a major scare. I was sitting there watching the CCTVs when I felt this pressure on the base of my skull. I did think that much of it when a couple of minutes later it felt like someone was directing warm water on that area. Bear in mind not once throughout this ordeal was I in any sort of pain. What concerned me is a couple of minutes later by hands and arms went numb. It felt like a dentist injected me with a freezing agent in both arms. Whilst I still could pick up things and enter codes etc, I just could not feel anything! I was really worried at that point, so I contacted the senior security officer on site told him I was going to the hospital.

I really thought I was a goner and having a stroke. I had no idea what was wrong. I contacted my girlfriend and asked her to pick me up at the ferry terminal. As I walked down to the terminal to catch the ferry across, I felkt confused and had to brace myself a few times. When I made it across, Leigh knew something was wrong, seriously wrong because she described me as walking really slow and carefully looking down the whole time. I know at first I did not recognize her or her car. We got in and she asked me what was going on. I tried to describe bout could not get the words out and stopped mid sentence a few times. So off to the hospital we go. I get registered, do all that great paperwork, bp etc. For once, we did not wait too long. First thing they did was hook me up to an EKG and got a reading. Waited around some more, had a resident talk to me. I have to give this guy credit, I have had some resident doctors in the past who were in above their heads but still tried to treat me. This guy, not so much, he contacted a neurologist and she came down asked me some questions had me do some tests and had bloodwork done.

We waited around some more and I was sent for a CT scan. she came back and told be the Head of Neurology was being called in and I am thinking must be serious. She also told me the CT picked up an lesion on my brain. Double great I am thinking. Well to make a long story short it ended up being a type of migraine. Had I experienced all of those symptoms at once, It would have been a stroke. In a progressive sequence it was a migraine. Nonetheless, the Head of Neurology wants me to have a MRI and he is expediting it, so now its a wait and see.

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