bradleyclark_47 (bradleyclark_47) wrote,


So it's been awhile.

Not much new going on with me besides work and work again.

Let's big news is my MRI is booked for this coming Tuesday. Which is good considering it's generally up to 9 months to get one. So I am pleased that I did not have to wait long. I am also a little alarmed, since it is generally a 9 month wait and it hasn't been even close to a month since my little episode.

Well the US election is just around the corner and is between the buffoon and the bitch. It is a circus down there and no matter who wins I think the US is going to be screwed. On that note so will Canada. Hillary has shown her disdain for Canada since she was Secretary of State and we know how Trump feels about us. We are screwed! Compound that with Justin here and we are doubly screwed. Mark my words.

Well that's it for now. Take care LJ


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