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Hey LJ and those few that actually read this.

I finally got my MRI done this past Tuesday so am just waiting on the result. I am a little nervous waiting for the call but not as nervous as I thought I would be. Hopefully I will get that call soon and we will take it from there.

Right now I am still playing Fallout 4 and still nowhere near done. I can say with its probably the one of the best games I have played in a long time. To give you an idea I have played 368 hrs and I am at 37%.If you haven't already picked it up go and get it. NOW!!!! I am still playing World of Warships but not as frequently, although that may change now that they brought in the British cruiser line.

Roleplaying I am only playing in One Ring and gming 7th Sea. Players are still enjoying themselves and I have put in a couple of twists that have caught my players off guard {cue evil laughter} so the side adventure they are on may become the primary campaign arc. We shall see.

So anything else? My felines are fine, my relationship is status quo and I have gotten in some decent range time but I always could use more.

Anyways take care.

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